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Air Date: 8/29/2014

Bus park to accommodate students
Air Date: 8/31/2014

High expectations of education min speech
Air Date: 8/31/2014

Mother blames hospital for baby's death
Air Date: 8/31/2014

Opp wants answer on rare earth project
Air Date: 8/31/2014

Smart card deadline extended
Air Date: 8/31/2014


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My heart goes out for Abigail and her family I hope the lord bless and keep the family that left behind.
commented on Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Roger Clark is just having fun ( all work and no play makes jack a dull boy)so i dont see a prob

commented on Monday, September 02, 2013
I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. Thanks for the post.
commented on Wednesday, August 28, 2013
the Jamaican government needs to take a good look at the people in the police force
commented on Monday, August 19, 2013
What was Fritz Pinnock saying about the Logistics Hub last night?
commented on Saturday, August 10, 2013
DPP pull up your socks. It will take the public voice to demonstrate that your office is not doing a good job. Remember people power even if the constitution is there to defend you stepping down. Each and every time something goes wrong in the dPP dept you will find them on radio/tv defending their mess ups and giving big smiles..from ear to ear
commented on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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