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Mini Matters | Season 3 | Episode 5
Air Date: 7/22/2012

Mini Matters | Season 3 | Episode 4
Air Date: 6/26/2012

Mini Matters | Season 3 | Episode 3
Air Date: 6/19/2012

Mini Matters | Season 3 | Episode 2
Air Date: 6/12/2012

Mini Matters | Season 3 | Episode 1
Air Date: 6/5/2012


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commented on Monday, August 04, 2014
Hello my name is joan vassell and im the mother of vanesia vassell who watch mini matters every even and i will love for her to be one of the mini matters at tvj u can contact me at 362-9598 or vjvassell@yahoo.com. i appreciate your earliest reply
commented on Thursday, August 08, 2013
MY name is Junior Turner am 16year old I well love to be a Mini matters you can called me at 4793075

commented on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Afternoon, My son, Dominic Williams is in Grade 8 at Ardenne High and he is 12 years old. His goal is to become a professional actor and I would love for him to be one of your shows. Please call me at 355-6092 or email me at cbrodber@yahoo.com to schedule a meeting when convenient. Thank you.
commented on Friday, July 19, 2013
i like it
commented on Saturday, November 17, 2012
it is very good to have these educational episode they educate's me alot i once tried out one of these experments and i get the same one in class .These are more things i want to see happening on tvj because they do help children like in grade 6 and other class .I hope you get my message
commented on Monday, September 03, 2012

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