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ER2 - FEB 26, 2011
Date Aired: 1/1/1900

Aired: February 26, 2011


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ppl make mistakes..but ur still my fave artist..one love buju

commented on Wednesday, November 09, 2011
mi yute, u are my mentor in yu music, u are really strong and i admire u for that, all the best mi boss, and i hope the system will be soft on you. Jah bless
commented on Monday, March 07, 2011
I had the opportunity to meet Buju in the 90's at Coney Park while working there, seen his growth into the music world made me proud, still check for him but must truly say i am disappointed that he allowed himself to be swayed. I hope is sentence will be less. Decision we make in life will come to haunt us one day.
commented on Sunday, February 27, 2011
this from (jr) he knew where he went wrong in his word from his mouth a man can condem his self even it a song.love you brother i have beat a six life sentance just dont let go off the almighty check out aneita robertson and debra martin in ja they are the best god put out there for his chosen people God bless you buju your songs keep me strong when i was on six life love you buju we have alot of prayer warriors in ja.jamaica pray for our child not one man never err
commented on Sunday, February 27, 2011

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